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Adventure Plus/Animal



Hokkaido is a wildlife paradise and is home to brown bears, Japanese cranes, Steller’s Sea eagles, Blakiston’s fish owls, Yezo deer, Yezo squirrels, Sakhalin foxes, and swans. It is also popular with photographers who want that perfect shot immersed in beautiful natural scenery.

Experience-Based Place

Sapporo Sahoro Shiretoko



North Safari Sapporo

Period of Operation April 25-November 30 (for the summer season)
January 4 – March 28 (for the winter season)
Fees Adults(Junior high school students or older) 1800 yen (tax included)
Children (below elementary school age)600 yen (tax included)
Children (below elementary school age) Free
Business Hours The business hours is to change depending on the season.



Bear Mountain Brown bear forest night walk

Sahoro Resort Bear Mountain

OPENING PERIOD July 1 – September 26
Admission ticket
Adults 1,870 yen
Children, Senior 1,320 yen
Admission ticket and bear watching bus ride
Adults 2,970 yen
Children, Senior 2,420 yen
* Children = 4 years old – elementary school. Free of charge for age 3 and below.
Senior = 60 years old and above (please bring something that can prove your age)
OPERATION HOURS Operation Hours are subject to change depending on the season.



Gojiraiwa Sightseeing

Gojiraiwa Sightseeing

From Utoro: Rusha Course
Period of Operation June 1 – October 31
REQUIRED TIME Approximately 2 hours
Fees Adults 6,000 yen
Elementary students 3,000 yen
DEPARTURE TIMES 8:30a.m.(Jun. 1-Oct. 31)
3:30p.m.(Jun. 1-Sep. 25)


From Rausu: Whale, Dolphin, and Bird Watching Cruise
Period of Operation April 25 – October 15
REQUIRED TIME Approximately 2 hours and 30 mins
Fees Adults 8,800 yen
Elementary students 4,400 yen
DEPARTURE TIMES 9:00a.m. 1:00p.m.



Shiretoko Night Tour

Shiretoko Guides pikki

Shiretoko Night Tour
Period of Operation Late April – End of October
REQUIRED TIME Approximately 1 hours and 30 mins
Fees Adults 3,000 yen
Elementary students 1,500 yen
DEPARTURE TIMES 7:50 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.