It is showroom & antenna shop of Yamagami Mokko.

Local Cuisine Oga

In the well-established Oga restaurant in Susukino, you can thoroughly enjoy the local cooking of Hokkaido that uses the best fishing products and vegetables of the season.


Sapporo is the center of the culture of Hokkaido.


The town with the gateway to the air, New Chitose Airport of Hokkaido where approximately 90% of Hokkaido arrives and departs.


The town where large scale ski resorts internationally famous for powder snow are concentrated.


The root of Shakotan Peninsula. A fishing village that prospered in herring fishing.


The town which prospered in herring fishing and marine transportation before Sapporo was developed.

Kushiro Kobunkan

It is on the other side of Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO across the Kushiro River.


In our shop, we have a lot of KIMONO are made in Kyoto.
So speaking of KIMONO,Senshiyou.

Sapporo TV Tower

Sapporo landmark. 147m radio tower errected August 24th 1957.

Mt. Apoi UNESCO Global Geopark

You can sense the valleys and alpine plants of the land in this park centered around Mount Apoi, Samani Seaside, and Hidaka Yabakei Gorge.

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