Motomachi Adventure


A popular sightseeing area in Hakodate is an area called the Seibu (western-style) district, It is the Motomachi area where western-style buildings are mixed with Japanese style ones spreading around the foot of Mount Hakodate.
You can view the port, and you can enjoy the exotic cityscape that includes a variety of political buildings such as the old Hokkaido Bureau of Development, the former U.K. consulate, the Chinese memorial hall, and many churches and temples.

Getting Off at Suehirocho Station

1, The bottom of Motoizaka


Why not take a picture of Mount Hakodate from the base of the slope? The atmosphere of the stone paved slope is distinguished.

2, Former British Consulate of Hakodate


The Former British Consulate of Hakodate can be seen on the left when climbing Motoizaka.
You can take a look inside (Admittance: 300 yen).

3, Old Soma Residence


The private residence of Hokkaido’s wealthiest merchant Souma Teppei, is one of Hokkaido’s wealthiest mansions. It is a splendid combination of western and Japanese style architecture.
There are precious treasures and cultural artefacts In the storehouse.

Admittance: 800 yen

※Closed : December – March

4, Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward


The Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward is in the rear of the old former Hokkaido Government Office.
It is an important cultural property. It is a colonial style building that overlooks the port.
You can take a look inside (Admittance: 300 yen).

5, Rows of houses with historic architecture and Hachimanzaka


At the back of the Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward, there are many houses built with luxurious bricks and wood in a European-style owned by the merchant’s families who prospered with development of foreign trade.
There is a slope where your view suddenly expands . You can have a beautiful view looking down upon the bay from a slope leading to the original Hakodate Hachiman shrine (currently relocated).
By all means take a memorial photograph.

6, Chachanobori Slope


Climb Daisanzaka next to Hachimanzaka in the opposite direction. Here, chacha means grandfather, or old fellow. This is because the steep slope causing the climber to walk belt forward at the waist resembling the typical posture of an elderly person.
To the right and left you can take photographs of the Christian orthodox church and Hakodate St. John church in the gorgeous scenery.

7, Nijukkenzaka


Come back down from the chachanobori Slope, turn right and the largest slope enters view.
The slope has a path with a width measurement of 20 ken (about 1.8m × 20 =about 36m). It is beautifully illuminated during the winter period. Go straight back down to the brick warehouse street of the bay area. Leave the slope.

8, Concrete Electricity Pole


The place with the first concrete electricity pole in Japan. There is a gentle S curve here.
Turn to the right.

9, Jujigai Station


The center of commerce in Hakodate has moved with the passage of time, from Irifune-cho with Hakodate Dock, to Jujigai, to Hakodate-ekimae, and to the Goryokaku shopping district.

This crossroad (Jujigai), is actually a locally popular gourmet spot. The prices are great and the quality is delicious. It’s a great place where you can enjoy Hakodate cuisine.

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