New Chitose Airport

The gateway to Hokkaido. JR, buses are connected to various parts of the province.

Hakone Farm

The dude ranch where you can have experiences such as milking or making butter.

Chitose Shrine

The inner shrine.
God of “food” and God of “water” are enshrined.

Aoba Park

One of Hokkaido’s prominent multi-purpose parks rich in nature covering a total area of 102.3 hectares.

Meisui Fureai Park

Meisui (famous water) Park chosen as one of the hundred famous waters in Japan.

Lake Okotanpe

“One of Hokkaido’s three biggest mysterious lakes (that include Lake Onneto near Lake Akan, and Lake Shinonome near Lake Shikaribetsu).

Koke no domon

A corridor-like valley formed by the erosion of lava flowing when Mt.Tarumae erupted.


The town with the gateway to the air, New Chitose Airport of Hokkaido where approximately 90% of Hokkaido arrives and departs.

AEON Chitose

We have a great variety of dining options including food court, restaurant area, bento lunches and drinks.