Karafuto Shokudo

It is a cafeteria spread in word riders’ reviews with a catchphrase “unbeatable sea urchin rice bowl”.

道の駅 わっかない


Wakkanai Fukukou Market

The northernmost complex complex in Japan where souvenirs, hot springs, meals, etc. entered

Kita Color

There are select shop, kids room etc. selling tourist information office and Kitakara limited suit.

Cape Soya

Northern latitude 45 degrees, the northernmost tip of Japan is located at the tip of Soya Cape.


The town on the border with Russia with Cape Soya, Japan’s northernmost point.

Wakkanai Airport

The entrance to Dōhoku, Rishiri, Rebun.
It takes about 30 minutes by bus to Wakkanai city and ferry terminal.