Rauru Visitor Center

Introducing the sea, mountains, rivers and culture of Shiretoko.
Introduces real nature.


The horizon of grassy plain under eyes looks round literally when we see from here and can realize that we are in Hokkaido.

Home Run Yaki

A baked sweet containing “Sweet bean paste” with a size of about 6 cm in diameter.


one of the country’s largest Japanese rose communities

Lake Furen

It is surrounded by diverse nature including vast wetland, forests and sand dunes.

Rokka no Mori

The representative six flower-blooming gardens of Tokachi on Rokkatei’s wrapping paper.

Ginganomori Astronomical Observatory

Astronomical Observatory in Japan’s cold town “Rikubetsu “.
Everyone can see the seasonal starry sky through the astronomical telescope.

Tokachi Hills

A complex where nature and flowers collaborate.
There is also a restaurant.

Jewelry Ice

Jewelry Ice can be seen from mid-January to late February every year at Otsu Beach in Toyokoro.

Nukabira Onsen

Nukabira Hot Spring with abundant amount of hot water is highly appreciated by enthusiasts as a hot spring resort where you can enjoy hot springs with 100% natural hot spring.

Taushubetsu River Bridge

It is said that a bridge over the Taushubetsugawa River is a phantom bridge because it can be seen and hidden by the increase and decrease of dam water.

Tokachigawa Onsen

It features a brown Moor-Onsen containing a lot of Organic compound.

Ikeda Wine Castle

A research facility that studied wine making in the first vineyard cultivation grape in Hokkaido.

Lake Onnetō

One onneto of Hokkaido ‘s three great secret lakes, which changes to five colors.
There is also a hot spring.

Obihiro Shrine

The guardian angel of Obihiro. It is famous as the god of marriage.

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