Lake Mashu Rest House

“Lake Mushu” in the fog, is it fog today? Is it sunny? I’m looking forward to either one.


Walking path connecting Kawayu Onsen to Mount Iō (Akan).

Mt. Pon-pon

When standing on the hill stepping on the ground, it is said that a voice will be heard as if it were a hollow inside.

Taiho Sumo Museum

It was built in commemoration of childhood spent in “Kawayu”.

Kawayu Onsen Foot Bath

Because it is one of the best quality springs in Japan,so try and have an experience.

Kawayu Onsen

The hot water overflowing from the hot spring of flows as a river flowing through the hot spring town.

Wakoto Onsen

Let’s get in after checking the condition of hot water.

Wakoto Peninsula

The Wakoto Peninsula protruding in Lake Kussharo Ko is mysterious.

Lake Mashu

Boasting one of the world’s most transparent, its color is called “Mashu Blue”.

Mt. Ioh

You can climb near the crater of sulfur.

Kotan Onsen

It is the only place where you can feel an outdoor bath with swans of Kussharo-ko lake.


When digging the sand of the lake side here about 10 cm, a hot spring gushes.

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