Sankaku Market

There are 15 stores in the market. There are six restaurants among them.

Ryugu Shrine

The shrine was built on the native Ainu ground used for religious services after the war of Hokkaido by commander-in-chief Takeaki Enomoto.

Otaru Sumiyoshi Shrine

The main building. Citizen’s during the reclamation need the protection of ancestors and purification from god.

Mt. Tengu-yama

One of the three famous night views of Hokkaido (Otaru’s Mt. Tenguyama, Mt. Moiwa, and Mt. Hakodate).

Otaru Blue Cave

To see Otaru’s blue cave you can go from Otaru Port for 90 minutes

Temiya Cave

Because it is engraved in the fragile rock called the Otaru soft stone, a preservation building along the rock was constructed.

Otaru Yataimura Renga Yokocho

Hokkaido’s famous food stall villages include, Hakodate’s Daimon Yokocho, and Obihiro’s Kita no Yatai, but Otaru also has one called Renga Yokocho.

Former Suhara Residence

A piece of historic architecture. Currently closed.
A Sukiya style building built over 100 years ago.

Former Mitsui Bank Otaru Branch

External appearance.
It has been restored to its original state and is on show.
The third building in the Otaru art base.

Bank of Japan Otaru Museum

Otaru, prospered as the central port town of central Hokkaido before Sapporo was opened, from the distribution of commodities and good haul of herring to the venture into banking.

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