Aunji Temple

Moved here around 1617 to protect the demon gate of Matsumae Castle (the area to north east of one’s position believed to be unlucky).

Matsumae Shrine

Here is the sword presented when the Takeda clan acting as an initiator to Matsumae feudal clan ended the Ainu revolt of Koshamain, and the paulownia wooden sculpture received from Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

Matsumae Clan Mansion

Enjoy learning about the life of samurai at a place that once flourished as a castle town.

Matusmae Park

Hokkaido’s most famous area for Sakura (cherry blossoms) chosen as one of the 100 famous sakura locations in Japan.

Matsumae Castle

Matsumae castle with triple castle tower is expansion and renovation of former Fukuyama pavilion.

Seikan Tunnel Museum

You can go by the railway train which was actually used to the tunnel of 140 m below the sea level. Absolutely recommended!