Paard Musée

A rich natural farm where you can experience life with horses.

Komagadake Shrine

Power spot is said to be able to break through hardships through the rocks of the rock.

Lake Junsainuma

Swamp away from Onuma and Konuma.
You can take a walk on the lakeside.

Nanae Konuma

It is connected with Onuma and 31 islands float on the Konuma side.

Nanae Onuma

Onuma is also a generic term for Onuma National Monument Park.
Pleasure boats, boats, surroundings can be enjoyed by cycling.

Onuma Quasi-National Park

In this area, there is Mt. Komagatake and the three lakes of Onuma, Lake Onuma, Lake Konuma, and Lake Junsainuma.


A beautiful place of four seasons.