Kushiro Washo Market

Known as the kitchen of Kushiro, popular among tourists with the kattedon, or as you like it bowl.

Nakajima Renbai Market

While Hakodate morning market and free market are rather tourist targets, Nakajima Renbai sale is a local target.

Furano Anpanman Shop

The only branch store under direct management of author, Takashi Yanase in the whole country.
The shop is packed with Anpanman goods!

Furano Marche

Furano Marche became completely famous.
It is a compound commercial facility.

Ebri Nopporo

A commercial facility of renovation that made use of the building of the former brick factory.

Wing Bay Otaru

In front of the Otaru marina, a shopping facility with adjoining hotels and a cinema.

Kotoni shopping district

The vibrant Kotoni neighborhood functioning as a shopping street in a Sapporo residential area.

Sapporo Factory

Complex commercial facility which can enjoy shopping, gourmet, movies etc in Sapporo city Chuo Ward.

Akarenga Terrace

Shops & and restaurants in front of the Hokkaido Government Office.

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