Kushiro Washo Market

Known as the kitchen of Kushiro, popular among tourists with the kattedon, or as you like it bowl.

Raymon House

German Carl Weidl-Raymon’s authentic ham sausage is popular.
2F is the Raymon’s History Exhibition Hall.

Hasegawa Store

“Hasesuto ” Yakitori lunch box is one of the gourmet foods.

Nakajima Renbai Market

While Hakodate morning market and free market are rather tourist targets, Nakajima Renbai sale is a local target.

Yoichi Winery

Yoichi Town is known as a fruit town boasting the total production of grapes, apples and pears.

Kakizaki Shoten

Kakisaki shop in Yoichi which became completely famous. 1F is a shop, 2F is a dining room.

Kitaichi Glass

Otaru is famous as a town for glassworks, and Kitaichi Glass built the base for it.

Wing Bay Otaru

In front of the Otaru marina, a shopping facility with adjoining hotels and a cinema.

Sankaku Market

There are 15 stores in the market. There are six restaurants among them.

Sunpiazza Aquarium

A compact city-type aquarium located next to a large-scale shopping center.

Kotoni shopping district

The vibrant Kotoni neighborhood functioning as a shopping street in a Sapporo residential area.

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