Seseki Onsen

It is secret hot spring of secret hot spring.

Rusa Field House

Facilities that provide rules, manner and local real-time information.

Lake Rausu

The largest lake in the Shiretoko Peninsula.

Rausu Folk Museum

Represent of Shiretoko nature.
Taxidermy of Blakiston’s fish owl and Steller’s sea eagle, earthenware and stone tools.

Kumanoyu Onsen

It is a free natural outdoor bath surrounded by virgin forest.

Seseki Waterfall

It is a waterfall at the easternmost end of Japan that can be reached by car.

Rauru Visitor Center

Introducing the sea, mountains, rivers and culture of Shiretoko.
Introduces real nature.

Betsukai Northern Observatory

Hundreds of swans gathered from December to March at the harbor of the Shunbetsugawa River estuary with the Northern Ocean Observation Tower and it is a view point that you can enjoy the graceful appearance up close.


It is Todomatsu eroded by seawater withered.

Notsuke peninsula

The total length of 26 km, the largest offshore Japan prominent terrain.

Karamatsu Onesn

For hot-spring fans it is a familiar free mixed-bath outdoor bath.

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