Kitajima Saburo Museum

Saburo Kitajima’s World.
Born from Shiriuchi-cho, Hokkaido.
“A woman in Hakodate” is a huge hit.



Sub-chan robot.
A masterpiece “Matsuri”.

Address 22-11 Suehirochō, Hakodate-shi
Tel 0138-26-3600
Business hours 9: 00 - 18: 00 (final entry)
Regular closed day Tuesday
Other information
<Entrance Fee> 1540 JPY
<Access> Hakodate Winning Hotel 1F
1 minute walk from City tram “Suehiro-cho”

* Business days and hours are subject to change due to the influence of Novel Cornavirus (COVID-19).

Map of surrounding areas


  • Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial MuseumSakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum "Ryoma" thought that the development of Hokkaido has an impact on Japan's development and overseas exchanges Let's go see the statue.
  • Hakodate Takadaya Kahei MuseumHakodate Takadaya Kahei Museum Displaying resources related to the goods-carrying merchant ships travelling between Hakodate and Osaka.
  • Showa ParkShowa Park General park for Hakodate citizens.
  • Cape TachimachiCape Tachimachi A cape located at the southeastern end of Mt.Hakodate. You can get there after a 15-minute walk from the tram terminal.
  • Shiraito waterfallsShiraito waterfalls I defy you to find a more atmospheric waterfall than the incredible Furube Otaki.
  • Hakodate Hachimangu ShrineHakodate Hachimangu Shrine This shrine stands in a quiet, bracing environment surrounded by the forest of Mt. Hakodate.
  • Yachigashira Onsen There is a Cafeteria. Towel, shampoo etc, and "empty-handed set (500 yen)".
  • Miharashi Park (Kosetsuen)Miharashi Park (Kosetsuen) A scenic garden for gazing of far into the park. A place to appreciate flowers.
  • The Statue of Kahei TakadayaThe Statue of Kahei Takadaya Investigate the Kunashir , Iturup island and open up a good fishery route.
  • Hakodate Gokoku ShrineHakodate Gokoku Shrine Worshipping the self-immolated government troops from the battle of Hakodate in the Tokugawa days.