Fresh lamb charcoal fire grilling jingisukan (Mongolian-style BBQ)

Ramunoya moved last year from Maruyama where it was loved for many years to Susukino where it was opened in a more warm comfortable location.
The lamb-expert restaurant owner chooses meat that is odorless and not tough.
If you want to know the true great taste of meat, then come try our jingiskan!

UU-Hokkaido Coupon

A set of vegetables (onion & cabbage) are given as a present per grilling pan!

Show this screen to staff when you are being seated for the special offer.
※Cannot be combined with any other coupon and services.



The exterior view with an eye-grabbing illustration of a sheep.


Restaurant interior

There are counter seats and large sofa seats where you can relax comfortably.


You will be surprised by the lack of that undesirable lamb smell when you enter.



You can fully savor jingisukan by cooking a load of various vegetables with your meat on a grilling pan heated over a charcoal fire.


Fresh prime lamb (shoulder roast)

The special menu item you must try here.
The flavor will explode your taste buds by adding garlic or the house seasoning as you like to the sauce.


French rack of lamb on the bone (limited amount available)

Offering thick cuts of meat, grilled to a great crisp texture, sweet and fragrant.


Lamb tongue

A meat that is scarce to obtain with one lamb only producing one serving.


Lamb sausage

Original fresh lamb sausage. Cooked moderately to a bursting texture, overflowing with meat juices enhancing the flavor of wine.


Ramunoya course (price per person)

  • Reasonable course : 3,000 yen
    Large portion of lamb thigh, large portion of lamb rump, one lamb sausage, set of vegetables (cabbage, onion), kimchee, and dried stem lettuce
  • Basic course : 3,500 yen
    two portions of lamb shoulder roast, one portion of lamb bacon, one lamb sausage, set of vegetables (cabbage, onion), kimchee, and dried stem lettuce

※ Premium course also available
※ Add 100 minutes of all you can drink the course of your choice for an additional 2,000 yen (1,500 yen without beer). All prices do not include tax.

AddressHokusen Plaza Sano Bldg. 1F
Minami 5-jo Nishi 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi
Business hours5:00p.m.-0:00a.m.
Sun., holidays 5:00p.m.-11:00p.m.
Regular closed dayOpen year round
Correspondence languageJapanese English 
Credit card that can be used

Map of surrounding areas


  • SusukinoSusukino Susukino is known as the northernmost red light district in Asia.
  • Ferris wheel NORIAFerris wheel NORIA Rooftop Ferris wheel located at 7F of nORBESA.
  • Kamokamo RiverKamokamo River A river that diverges from the Toyohiragawa River and flows into the Sosei River.
  • Sosei River ParkSosei River Park The Soseigawa River which divides the east and west of Sapporo has been turned into a park.
  • Toyohira RiverToyohira River A river flowing through the city center of Sapporo. Citizen resting river.
  • Nakajima ParkNakajima Park Dotted with various landmarks such as the Hoheikan, the Hassoan Tea House, Kitara Sapporo Concert Hall, and Hokkaido Museum of Literature.
  • HassoanHassoan Approximately 400 year old tea-ceremony house (important cultural property).
  • HoheikanHoheikan Historical western style building, located inside of Nakajima park.
  • Sapporo Concert Hall, KitaraSapporo Concert Hall, Kitara The music hall of Sapporo citizens.
  • Sapporo City Astronomical ObservatorySapporo City Astronomical Observatory The smallest public observatory in Japan.