Business from early morning to late night

Machinaka Farm Cafe

Cafe directly run by own factory! You can enjoy soup, open sandwich, dessert, etc. made from Hokkaido local ingredients.

Hokkaido Hotel

You will a relaxing holiday in this high quality hot spring hotel.


This is Hokkaido’s largest class of shopping center boasting approximately 600 stores.


One of the biggest department stores in Hokkaido, directly connected to Sapporo station.

Tairyo Sushi Wakakoma

Wakakoma offers “Sushi, Sashimi, seafood, crabs, and sake from local sake breweries”

Otaru Aquarium

You can meet approximately 10,000 varieties of sea life.

AEON Otaru

We have a large selection of Japanese daily goods.

AEON Chitose

We have a great variety of dining options including food court, restaurant area, bento lunches and drinks.

Ekini ichiba

Fresh fish shops are line up in a row in this authentic seafood market.


Top brand cosmetics, tax-free.

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