Uoya itcho



Uoyaitcho, is a sashimi izakaya (Japanese style bar/restaurant) perfect for those who want great sashimi from an authentic Sapporo izakaya.

There is an array of Hokkaido seafood. Please enjoy Hokkaido the land of seafood at our restaurant.


Squid Fishing Boat Large Assortment, Serves 3 People 2,499yen

A boat shaped dish luxuriously presenting 8 kinds of seafood from northern seas.
Also enjoy the cutting techniques that bring the flavor out of the sashimi.

※ Contents may vary according to weather and season.




King Crab & Queen Crab Eating Comparison, Serves 2 to 3 People  2,980yen
Queen crabs inhabit areas at 2,000 meters of depth.
King crabs inhabit areas that are even deeper.
A way to compare the king and queen has been realized. Recommended.


Horsehair Crab Boiled on the Spot, Market Price
At about 600 grams, the horsehair crab is a solid meal.
the firm flesh, and the sweetness of the brown meat, are the flavors of Hokkaido.Recommended.


5 Kinds of Shellfish Cooked (Gan-Gan Yaki) Simple Style  1,280yen
Gan-gan yaki where the dish is steamed in a large open can.
Gan-gan is Hokkaido dialect meaning “a can”
Oysters, mussels, littleneck clams, hamaguri clams, and whelks


Scallop Cooked on the Spot 680yen
Unshelled scallop cut to be easy to eat.
The delicious taste of the scallop is drawn out.
You will heartily groan with joy.


Hokkaido’s Specialty, “Zangi”  5 pieces 499yen~
Crispy deep-fried chicken with a soy-sauce based seasoning, also very popular with children.


Itcho Over spilling Sushi  1.280yen

Piled with heaps of sea urchin, salmon roe, and shredded crab meat.

Perfect for Instagram!


The Finest Hand-Formed Sushi, 9 Pieces  1.880yen
The rice is from Hokkaido, and the toppings are from the waters surrounding Hokkaido.
The chef is from Hokkaido. The customers eat at Sapporo’s Uoyaitcho. It is perfectly delicious.
Salmon roe, raw sea urchin, queen crab,
scallop, surf clam, button prawn,
red seabream, tuna, and extra large eel.


Soba Noodles Combo (Serves 2 to 3 People) 799yen
A combination of rare green Shiretoko soba and Shinshu soba served in colanders.
Experience two delicious sobas at once with this set. The sauce is made from bonito stock.


AddressKita 6-jo Nishi 1-chome,Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi, hokkaido JR underpass
Business hoursLunch :11:30a.m.~2:00p.m.
Regular closed dayOpen year round
Credit card that can be used

1 minute walk from JR Sapporo Station

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