Namaramu Jingisukan(fresh lamb Mongolian style BBQ)Yamagoya

It is a popular restaurant using only tender and delicious fresh lamb prepared beautifully leaving a moderate amount of fat on the meat.
Also preparing completely odorless wild venison.

Lamb meat of lambs under a year old is called lamb, and lamb meat from lambs over a year old is called mutton. Tender and odorless fresh lamb is popular for Jingiskan Mongolian-style BBQ.
Here at Yamagoya, tender fresh lamb which was carefully selected for its fleshy substance is cooked thoroughly by charcoal fire. Please have this with specially made secret sauce.
The fresh lamb meat is cooked with fresh Hokkaido vegetables. You can have all the bean sprouts, onion and cherry tomatoes you can eat.


This is the entrance to Namaramu Jingisukan Yamagoya. Jingiskan (Mongolian-style mutton BBQ) is famous in Hokkaido, however you have to try jingiskan with fresh lamb at Yamagoya!


Cooking is done by charcoal fire on a specially made jingiskan hotplate. Lamb meat is placed in the center and surrounded by cherry tomatoes and bean sprouts. Take care not to overcook the tender lamb meat.


Eat the meat and vegetables with the specially made secret sauce which you can add lots of sesame and shredded red pepper to.


The fresh lamb is very carefully selected and prepared. The sweetness of the moderately fatty meat will spread in your mouth.
It is tender and juicy.


It is completely odorless venison. It is perfectly pretreated and has a suprisingly great flavor.
Please enjoy the limited popular set menu item of lamb and venison.


It’s great for enjoying Hokkaido’s fresh seasonal vegetables with your meal.


Yamagoya has a mountain hut style and only offers counter seating.
You can protect your jackets from the BBQ smell in plastic bags and hang them up.


It doesn’t take long to be fully seated by happy patrons.
The food is simple, and it has a flavor you can enjoy every night.
Please let all you friends know what you think of Yamagoya via social networking and Instagram.

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AddressNo.5 Green Bldg. 1F
13-2, Minami 4 jo Nishi 4 chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi
Business hours5:00p.m.-11:00p.m.
※ The last order is 30 minutes before closing time.
Regular closed daySundays, national holidays, and the New Year holidays(Dec. 31-Jan. 2)
※ Sometimes operating during consecutive holidays. Please contact for clarification.
wifiAvailable(Password required)
Correspondence languageJapanese 
Credit card that can be used
Other information

Capacity:15 seats


3-minute walk from subway Namboku Line Susukino station, or the streetcar Susukino station

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