What is xix

xix is a service which allows anyone to safely and easily find and view information relating to sightseeing spots in Hokkaido using a smartphone. (The name xix comes from the "x" representing sightseeing spots, and "i" as in oneself.
Currently the service stores the information of 1132 sightseeing spots by coordinates. It can be used for free anywhere in Hokkaido, by scanning the QR codes that appear in sightseeing texts, such as pamphlets in many cities, towns, and villages.

What you can do using it (supporting various languages)

  • Sightseeing spots are displayed in order of proximity to the user's current location.
  • Check travel route
  • Check additional information
  • Travel obstacle information

How to use

① Scan the xix QR code found on maps etc., and sightseeing spots near your current location will be gathered and displayed automatically.
※Turn on your positional information in your smartphone and browser.
→ How to use①

② There are 6 methods of finding a destination, including direct entry.
※Your location information will not be used.

→ How to use②

③ Search from the map and narrow down: tap the map around the destination, select city name, and select a spot from the list.

→ How to use③

④ Transportation information
Displaying timetables and fare information for bus terminals, airports, and trains.

→ How to use④

⑤Travel obstacle information
displaying information regarding suspension of service for railroads, airports etc. in the event of bad weather or obstructions to traffic, and guides you to a link to the target means of transportation.

→ How to use⑤


  • For ①, the area of use is within Hokkaido.
    (② may be utilized domestically or overseas)
  • ①,② do not function when out of reach of signal.
  • The calculation for ① differs from actual distance. It does not account for actual winding roads, detours to bridges or altitude changes.
  • It uses the positional information acquisition function of the smartphone. This function may be off. Please turn on positional information of your device in settings. Please also turn on the positional information in the browser.
  • Supported browsers are Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

How to use①

When you tap ①, tourist attractions are arranged in order of proximity from the current location.

●Move to Home

●Move to search

●In the urban district it gets at 200 m or 2 km information and in the suburbs it gets at 20km information.

●Filter by genre

●Reacquire location information by update

How to use②

●Tap A ~ E to change to the input screen.

  1. Map number
    Search by entering the map number on a xix supported map, and tap on information you would like to see.
  2. Phone number
    Search by entering the phone number of the destination.
    Search by the map code of your car navigation system.
  4. Name
    Search by inputting the name.
  5. Genre
    Search by selecting area and genre.

How to use③

●When you tap ③,the whole picture of Hokkaido comes out.

→Map around the destination

→Choose city

→Choose Spot list

How to use④

→Tap on traffic information

→Choose from list

→Tap on station

How to use⑤

→Tap on traffic obstacles information

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