What is xix

xix is a database that allows you to easily see sightseeing spots in Hokkaido by smartphones.

Using the GPS function of the smartphone, display sightseeing spots near the place. Please tap the spot you want to see. Display detailed information.
If you moved new place tap on the "update" button, you can see the newly place. "xix" integrates travel guides in Hokkaido into one service system.
We have three languages with Japanese, English and Chinese. (Some information may not be display during construction)

Hokkaido Tabi Guide

xix is secure

xix is not an application. No need of installation. Although use GPS, it only for location confirmation with sightseeing spots, not a tracking device. If you do not want to use GPS, please use map search, number search, name search etc.

xix is a regional information free service of Hokkaido sightseeing spots where uu-hokkaido® develops.

* Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox.
* Please turn on the position information and use it.

How to use

1 Nearby places


Acquisition of position
It is latitude and longitude information of the place your located.
3 stages mesh of 20 km, 2 km, 200 m
In the urban district it gets at 200 m or 2 km information and in the suburbs it gets at 20km information.
Press update button to get position information again and rearrange sightseeing spots. 20km→Update the sightseeing spots in the 20 km range.
2km→Update the sightseeing spots in the 20 km range.
200m→Update the sightseeing spots in the 20 km range.

Displays the home page of xix.

How to use

By default "watch" is checked. Tap on "watch" again to deselect it.
Please select transportation, eat, buy, event etc. according to purpose. Multiple selections are also possible.
Registered information is listed.

View spots information

Tap the information you want to see.

2 Search a destination


  • Search by name, Search by map (TAP)
    Search a destination, search by city's name with Hokkaido, search by sightseeing spot name, search from map, and if you have a map of uu-Hokkaido get the 4 digit number in the map there is a method to input and search.
  • Traffic information (TAP)
    Post information with bus terminal, airport timetable, rail timetable and fee, etc.
  • Traffic obstacles information (TAP)
    When Traffic obstacles occurs in airport, railroad, etc. due to bad weather, cancel・suspend information will display and guide a link to the target transportation.
  • Season information (TAP)
    Post information on seasonal flowers and sightseeing spots of various parts of Hokkaido.
  • Event information (TAP)
    Post big festival and event information of various parts of Hokkaido.

  • A button to share your friends
    Please send your favorite information.

  • How to use button
    Open this page.
  • News button
    Announce information from the company.
  • Home button
    Home page of xix