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List of articles of Akkeshi

Akkeshi Shrine

One of the shrine in Hokkaido.

Cape Aikappu

It is a popular place where lovers ring the bell in the sense that "get over the difficulties and gain the crown of love".

Akkeshi Bay

Famous for nationally farming oysters.

Road Station Akkeshi Gourmet Park(Conchiglie)

Conchiglie, You can enjoy oysters of Akkeshi, a special product. Purchasing fresh ingredients from the seafood market, and being able to enjoy it by roasting yourself is impressed.

Genseikaen Ayamegahara Wildflower Field

About 300 thousand Iris setosa is a wild flower garden blooming.

Akkeshi Waterfowl Observation Center

We conduct activities to disseminate understanding about conservation of waterbirds and animals and plants, conservation and use of wetlands.

Akkeshi Bridge

The Bridge over Akkeshi Bay and Lake Akkeshi with a total length of 450 m.

Akkeshi Kiritappu Konbumori Quasi-National Park

A rare park where you can view alpine plants, shore-plants, and marshland plants.

JR Akkeshi Station

Akkeshi Station is a railway station on the “Hanasaki Line” section of the JR Hokkaido Nemuro Main Line.

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