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List of articles of Hiyama area

Roadside Rest Area Kaminokuni-Monju

Roadside Rest Area Kaminokuni-Monju is located along the coast. You can enjoy a spectacular view of the Sea of Japan.

Old Hiyama Nishi-gun government office (Esashi-cho Local Material Museum)

The building is appointed as a tangible cultural property of Hokkaido.


A town which prospered in herring fishing.

Lake Pirika

"Water Quality No1 Japan" Multipurpose dam built upstream of the Shiribeshitoshibetsugawa River

Kuguri Iwa

It is a hole drilled to support herring fishery about 400 years ago.

Eboshi Iwa Rryujin Iishi

Both stones are praying for the prosperity of Mitsuya village.

Hokkaido Yoake Tower

Height 800 units, about 24 m. There is a spiral staircase.

Kamimokuni Hachiman Shrine

It is regarded as the oldest shrine building in Hokkaido. Hokkaido designated tangible cultural property.

Former Sasanami House

This is the oldest private house in the Hokkaido existing and is an important cultural asset of the country.

Jokoku Ji Temple

Hokkaido Important Cultural Property.

Kamimokuni Kannondo Temple

Hokkaido Designated Cultural Asset.

Yunotai Onsen

It is an rare carbonated spring and is a secret hot spring in the mountains where persistent fans from all over the world visit.

Ferry Terminal Setana

Senta Ferry Terminal

Uzura Onsen

A hot spring in Assabu-cho where you can take a day trip. Accommodation is also available.

Okushiri Airport

It is approximately 30 minutes by plane from Hakodate Airport. One round trip per day.

The ruins of Katuyama-Tate

It is the moment of feeling the beginning of Hokkaido, such as the state of restoration of "Katuyama-Tate" by computer graphics based on the excavation result.

The ruins of Hanazawa-Tate

One of Donan 12 houses.

Setana Oyako Kumaiwa

It was named because the shape of the rock resembles a bear of a parent and child. It is a cute spot.

Inishie Highway

It is a place that makes you want to walk around the city.

Kamome Island

A small island of 2.6 km. To start Esashi sightseeing. This name came from the fact that you can see both wings from the sky.

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