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List of articles of Around Hokkaido University

Ginkgo Avenue, Hokkaido University

In the end of October the golden color stained in a row of trees

Poplar Avenue, Hokkaido University

Scenery of Hokkaido University Faculty of Agriculture depicted in landscape paintings and picture postcards.

Botanic Garden, Hokkaido University

Maintaining 4,000 kinds of Hokkaido plants.

Bust of Dr. Clark, Hokkaido University

1876, Sapporo Agricultural College opening lecture (currently, Hokkaido University).

Popular Watches, Jewelries, Kimono
(Sapporo Tokyu Department Store, 5F)

Watches made in Japan, Popular Jewelries, Kimono etc,

The Hokkaido University Museum

Save valuable Hokkaido materials of over 3 million points accumulated since opening.

Furukawa Memorial Hall, Hokkaido University

Sapporo Agricultural School was changed to Tohoku Imperial University Agricultural University, and donated by Furukawa financial group as a forestry classroom.

Visiting Sites of Shinsen-Gumi Regimental Soldier

Former Shinsengumi Group 2 captain of Corps , Hokkaido University Swordsmen.

Soup curry PICANTE

It's a famous "Soup Curry" restrant.

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