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List of articles of Yakumo

Kumaishi Fishing Port

Aburako, hokke, karei, kajika, soi etc are raise.

Harvester Yakumo

In the restaurant you can eat Neapolitan pizza baked in a boasted stone kiln, fried chicken with original spices.

Yakumo Dairy Cattle Rearing Ranch

It is on the hill and you can see the Funkawan bay and Yakumo city area.

Unseki Pass

A landmark of autumn leaves. The mountain pass which links the Kumaishi area to the Yakumo area.

Yakumo Folk Museum

The origin of the wooden bear sculptures is said to be Yakumo. There's also a museum inside the building explaining the culture of wood bear sculptures.

Hiratanai Onsen

Greatly popular as the hotel where you can thoroughly enjoy seafood of Yakumo facing both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan.

Yakumo Shrine

There are shrines that bear the Yakumo name throughout Japan, but Yakumo's shrine is the only branch shrine of Atsuta Shrine.

Kenichi Onsen

Gravity-fed irrigation hot spring with hot water of good reputation as a place of hot spring therapy for neighboring farmers, fishermen, and those with injuries.

Yakumo Onsen(Oboko Hot Spring)

It is a hot spring featuring an outdoor bath that changes color to ocher color when iron is touched by air.


From 5 sources to 11 hot tubs. One-day hot springs are also acceptable. Definitely want to go with partner.

Funka Bay Panorama Park

You can climb the hill and you can see the bay.

Hiyama Prefectural Natural Park

A park which is primarily located on the Sea of Japan side of the southwest of Hokkaido.

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