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List of articles of Sorachi area

Heidi Farm

A place where you can interact with animals and enjoy various activities!

Chobo no Oka (Lookout Hill)

There are 1.3 million sunflowers seen from the low hill located in the back.

Heidi Farm

As an experiencing pasture, you can meet with animals, especially popular ranch in the family layer of small children.

Kobayashi Sake Brewery

Kobayashi Sake Brewery located in Kuriyama Town, one of the 14 local sake breweries in Hokkaido. The representative stock is "Kita no nishiki".

Uryunuma-shitsugen Marsh

One of Hokkaido's secret bases. Alpine plants can be seen.

Yubari Hankachi Square

The location of the movie 'Yellow handkerchief of happiness'.

Lake Shuparo

An artificial dam lake. Autumn leaves spot.

Yubari Coal Mine Museum

An experienced museum that can enter the coal mine.

Bibai Folk Museum

Exhibit of historical materials tracing nature, industry, culture, people's live of Bibai.

Hokkaido Kodomo no Kuni

It is extraordinarily expansive spreading in the backyard of the Sunagawa Highway Oasis, and the excitement that everyone unexpectedly runs does not stop.

Sunagawa Highway Oasis

Largest highway parking area in Hokkaido.

Michi-no-Eki “Takikawa”

It is approximately halfway between Route 12 connecting Sapporo and Asahikawa.

Michi-no-Eki “Tsurunuma”

Road Station built along National Highway No. 275, there is Tsurunuma Park and hot spring across the National Highway.

Michi-no-Eki “Maoi-no-oka Koen”

Along the National Road No. 274, commonly known as Jukai Road, the roadside station is a nice building made of bricks like silos.

Canadian World

Where is here? Canada? but because of the climate, it is sister city.

Vertical shaft of the former Sumitomo Akabira Coal Mine

The rise and fall of the town of coal mine it is the chance of a few historic walks where you can experience with your eyes.

Sandan Falls

It is one of Ashibetsu-go-taki (Meoto Falls, Sorachi Falls, Sandan Falls, shichiya no Falls, hachigatsu Sawa no Falls).

Ashibetsu Folk Museum

If you want want to see the stars in full sky! Ashibetsu of former coal mine want to go as a starry sky city.

Iwamizawa Taisho Pond

An oasis of the citizen where the walking path of 1 lap 3 km was developed.

Iwamizawa Rose Garden

There are roughly 630 varieties of Roses and Rosa rugosa about 8800 planted in the premises of approximately 40,000 square meters.

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