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List of articles of Rebun


An island popular for its low-land alpine plants.

Rebun Alpine Botanical Garden

Approximately 20,000 alpine plants of 50 varieties bloom on the island seasonally pleasing the eyes here.

Cape Sukai

The inlet with transparent water and nature which the cape overlooks creates a superb view.

Unimuki Experience Center

You can eat the best sea urchin of Rebun Island for 800 yen each.

Rebun Folk Museum

This facility introduces the models of plants and animals designated as natural monuments and displays of the excavated items of the Jomon period.

Kafukako Ferry Terminal

Rishiritō , Rebuntō Island and Wakkanai ferry arrival and departure ports

Rebun Usuyuki Onsen

The first hot spring facilities in Rebun Island which opened in October, 2009.

Momo Iwa

There is a large peach shaped rock (Momoiwa).

Cape Sukoton

Cape of the northernmost tip of Rebun Island. You can see Todo island (uninhabited island) over there.

Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park

The northernmost national park in Japan.

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