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Mombetsu Okhotsk Tower

It is the world's first ice-sea observation tower on the 4th floor of the ocean floor and the 1st floor of the underwater building which is located about 1km from the coast and 10m deep.

When covered with drift ice, it becomes a tower to be built in the ice and under the drift ice can be observed at the bottom of the sea.

We can observe various ecology of marine organisms through seasons as well as drift ice in winter.

You can also observe the ocean floor at night.


1 Kaiyōkōen, Monbetsu-shi, Hokkaido
Ocean exchange building
営業時間10:00 - 16:00
定休日please refer to the official website


Submarine floor admission fee 500 yen for adults

About 15 minutes by bus from Monbetsu Bus Terminal

マップコード801 585 644

* Business days and hours are subject to change due to the influence of Novel Cornavirus (COVID-19).

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