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Okadama Airport

Airport in Sapporo city.


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Royce’ Chocolate World

Come to understand the history and manufacturing process of chocolate.

Asahikawa Airport

Asahikawa Airport , is a single-runway regional airport in Hokkaidō, Japan, straddling the cities of Asahikawa and Higashikagura.

Obihiro Airport

The doorway to Tokachi sightseeing. About 40 minutes by bus to Obihiro city center.

Tancho Kushiro Airport

It takes about 50 minutes by bus to Kushiro city center and about 70 minutes by bus to Akan Onsen.

Nemuro Nakashibetsu Airport

You can go to Nakashibetsu bus terminal and go to Rausu, Kushiro, Shibecha.

Memanbetsu Airport

The doorway to Okhotsk tourism. Flights from Tokyo (Haneda), Nagoya, Chitose are in service.

Wakkanai Airport

The entrance to Dōhoku, Rishiri, Rebun. It takes about 30 minutes by bus to Wakkanai city and ferry terminal.

Okhotsk Monbetsu Airport

The gateway to Okhotsk tourism. About 15 minutes by bus to Monbetsu city, about 70 minutes by bus to Engaru.

New Chitose Airport

The gateway to Hokkaido. JR, buses are connected to various parts of the province.

Okushiri Airport

It is approximately 30 minutes by plane from Hakodate Airport. One round trip per day.

Rishiri Airport

Flights from Sapporo (Okado Airport) are in service. Seasonal flights from New Chitose Airport will also be operated from June to September.

Hakodate Airport

The gateway to the sky of the international tourist city "Hakodate". Direct flights from Taipei are in service on international flights.

Hakodate Airport Bus stop

It takes about 20 minutes from Hakodate Airport to Hakodate Station.

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