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Shosanbetsu Observatory

You can watch the shining stars in the night sky up close with the established 65 cm forks type reflector astronomical telescope which boasts being Northern Hokkaido's biggest.

Shosanbetsu Konpira Shrine

It's the perfect place for quintessential Hokkaido photography with the setting sun captured inside the torii gate, the rippling waves, at dusk or starry sky.

Yagoshi Cruise

It is a tour that enters into the scenic "blue cave" which can only go by boat.

Matusmae Park

Hokkaido's most famous area for Sakura (cherry blossoms) chosen as one of the 100 famous sakura locations in Japan.

Nikappu Onsen

Offering day spa service and accommodation. There's a great view of the sun setting into the Pacific Ocean from the outdoor bath.

Green Hill Wind Park

The whole area here is a wind farm, and has 20 wind-power generators installed.

Teuri Island

A population of a little over 300 people, 30 km west of Haboro, the island has a 12 km circumference.

Hidaka Yabakei

The skirts of Mt. Apoi dip into the Pacific Ocean along the coast as a sea cliff for approximately 6 km.

Cape Kutsugata Park

Backed by Rishiri Fuji. It makes a great place to take a commemorative picture.

Cape Sukai

The inlet with transparent water and nature which the cape overlooks creates a superb view.


It is a large ranch where you can see the rare "360 ° horizon" in Hokkaido.

Shirarutoro Lake

It is known as a waterfowl paradise even in the Kushiro Wetlands, and it is not frozen even in the midwinter

Rishiri Fuji (Mt.Rishiri)

1,721 meters above sea level.

Otatomari Swamp

This is the model used for the packaging of Shiroi Koibito.

Yuhigaoka Observatory

A sightseeing spot of a sunset drama

Shikaribetsuko Ice Village

It is an ice village on the lake which is exactly like an open-air bath on ice and an ice bar.

Beniya Primeval Flower Garden

The special natural flower garden where you can enjoy viewing marsh plants and alpine plants at the same time.

Lake Kutcharo

In the spring and autumn, it is a beautiful lake of the sunset where thousands of swans fly.

Mt. Yotei

Its beautiful silhouette similar to Mt. Fuji is also called "Ezo Fuji".


The best driveway you know.

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