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List of articles of Bridge

Munich Bridge

A cable diagonally stretched from the tower is a beautiful Cable-stayed bridge.

Futami Suspension Bridge

A landmark of autumn leaves.

Niseko Bridge

The yellow bridge spanning across the Hakodate Main Line and the Shiribetsu River, connecting the north and south of Niseko.

Takimi Bridge

A landmark of autumn leaves. The contrast with the waterfall is beautiful.

Taushubetsu River Bridge

It is said that a bridge over the Taushubetsugawa River is a phantom bridge because it can be seen and hidden by the increase and decrease of dam water.

Akkeshi Bridge

The Bridge over Akkeshi Bay and Lake Akkeshi with a total length of 450 m.

Otowa Bridge

In winter, photography enthusiasts around the world aim at "red-crowned crane" which rests on "Setsuri River" which does not freeze from above the bridge.

Hakucho Ohashi Bridge

The eastern Japan's largest suspension bridge. Overall length 1,380 m

Asahibashi Bridge

The iron built bridge made sturdy enough for trains.

Nusamai Bridge

The sunset from Nusamai Bridge is a photo spot.

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