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List of articles of Farm

Notoro Misaki Lighthouse

That movie was a blockbuster in 2008 China. It is filming location place of movie "If You Are the One"

Paard Musée

A rich natural farm where you can experience life with horses.

Tsurui Dosanko Farm

Trekking riding around in the wilderness of Kushiro-shitsugen National Park is popular with tourists.

900 Grassland

This is the scenery of Hokkaido, I will sigh.

Ecorin village

You can enjoy garden, ranch and restaurant of various themes.

Murakami Farm

A pasture where you can experience milking, ice cream making, butter making etc.

Night view with seven stars, Shirotai Ranch

The night view from Mt. Hakodate is said to be one of the most beautiful night views in the world.

Yachiyo Public Rearing Farm

1500 head of cattle are grazing, and there is a lodging and training facility where you can have a learning experience.

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