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List of articles of Museum

UPOPOY (National Ainu Museum and Park)

Upopoy serves as the national center for the revival and development of Ainu culture.

Hidaka Mountain Range Museum

At the Hidaka Mountain Range Museum, There are exhibitions such as rock and fossil displays that keep the magnificence of nature alive.

Nibutani AINU Culture Museum

This museum was built for inheriting Ainu culture when the Nibutani dam was constructed.

Tomakomai Art Museum

You can learn Tomakomai's history and nature.

Abashiri Prison Museum

An open air museum, relocates buildings of priso that have been used since the Meiji period.

Hokkaido Hakodate Museum of Art

The building's outward appearance.

Kitaichi Venetian Art Museum

Approximately 3000 Venice glass works are displayed.

Hongo Shin Memorial Museum of Sculpture, Sapporo

Collection of works of sculptor "Shin hongou".

Yubari Coal Mine Museum

An experienced museum that can enter the coal mine.

Hokkaido Obihiro Museum of Art

As the Museum of Art, the fifth art museum.

Obihiro Centennial City Museum

Facility to introduce the history, industry of nature and pioneer of Obihiro, Tokachi


The museum displays an abundant amount related to world heritage site, Shiretoko, including specimens of whales and bears, and materials of the northern tribes.

Biei “Okanokura”

There is a restaurant, special product sales, and a gallery.

Hokkaido General Museum

Located in Hokkaido Prefectural natural Park Nopporo Forest Park, or Shinrin Koen, (The designated park which memorialized 100 years of Hokkaido reclamation).

Shigechan Land

It is the private art museum with a mysterious atmosphere.

Michi-no-Eki “Iwanai”

The roadside station on the former site of former Iwanai Station.

Nayoroshi Kitaguni Museum

It is worth seeing the SL snow removal train Kimaroki here which is the only place in Japan to see it, even if you're not a fan of railroads.

Yoichi Fisheries Museum

Bezaisen (Fishing vessel) and living goods around the time of herring fishermen are displayed.

Hokkaido Landscape Gallery

Shuichi Okuda's atelier. Landscape painting museum.

Bihoro Museum

Exhibits on the theme of nature, history and agriculture around Bihoro Town.

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