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List of articles of Natural phenomenon

Nayoropiyashiri Ski Area

You can enjoy the best powder snow at 30 degrees below-zero.

Rishiri Water Spot

It is a pure spring water with plenty of minerals

Kanro Water Spot

It has a reputation as being sweet water.

Spring Water Kanrosui

Niseko spring water.

Noboribetsu Okunoyu

Part of the explosion crater trace of Mt.Hiyoriyama.

Bokke Nature Sightseeing Trail

Bokke. In the meaning of boiling place in Ainu language, it is mud volcano.

Noboribetsu Jigokudani (Hell valley)

The explosion crater trace which was made by the eruption activity of Mt.Hiyori.


When digging the sand of the lake side here about 10 cm, a hot spring gushes.

Columnar Joints of Cape Hiura

It is a cape at the end of the street that heads towards "Esan" and passed right after the "Hiura" Tunnel.

Spring water of Mt. Yotei

There are several spring water in Mt. Yotei (Niseko town, Kutchan cho, Kyogoku-cho, Makkari-mura).

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