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List of articles of Onsen (Hot springs)

Yachigashira Onsen

There is a Cafeteria. Towel, shampoo etc, and "empty-handed set (500 yen)".

Arten Auto Resort Tomakomai

Recognized by Japan Auto Camping Federation as a five star auto-camping site, “Arten”

Kurodake no Yu

A one-day hot spring facility in the center of the Sounkyo.

Jozankei Onsen

Jozankei Onsen autumn leaves.

Koganeyu Onsen

Koganei Onsen Matsu no yu

Shikabe Kanketsusen Park

Every 10 minutes the hot spring blows 500 liters approximately 15 meters into the air at a time.

Bankei Onsen

There are several natural bathtubs in the river beach of Osaru river flowing through Bankei onsen.

Moritsubetsu Hotel

Alkaline spring quality hot water for beauty.

Tokachigawa Garaden Spa

Enjoy hot spring day trip, Tokachi gourmet and souvenir shopping.

Toyako Onsen

As a hot spring resort that lasts 100 years, it is a precious in japan.

Oshamanbe Onsen

From Oshamba station about 10 minutes on foot. 100% natural hot spring without any filtration or additives.

Ishikari Banyano Yu

One-day hot spring facilities in Ishikari. The ocean view of Ishikari Bay is popular.

Nakafurano Bankanoyu

The only hot spring facility in Nakafurano cho. An outdoor bath that is watching the Tokachi dake mountain range is popular.

Maruseppu Onsen

Maruseppu Onsen has two hot spring facilities. Also, the Steam locomotive No.21 runs in the park.

Setose Onsen

Hot spring quality is a colorless transparent alkaline simple hot spring.

Yunotai Onsen

It is an rare carbonated spring and is a secret hot spring in the mountains where persistent fans from all over the world visit.

Uzura Onsen

A hot spring in Assabu-cho where you can take a day trip. Accommodation is also available.

Futamata Radium Onsen

Gravity fed irrigation natural hot spring looking over the calcareous sinter dome of the radium-containing natural monument.

Shiriuchi Onsen

The iron ore, carbonic acid saline spring quality appears to be good for stomach and intestinal illness, dermatopathies, bruises, burns, a women's ailments.

Yoshioka Onsen

The southernmost hot spring of Hokkaido.

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