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Nature Designing

Let’s enjoy various experiences in the vast nature of Hidaka!


We are a group of professionals, and experts at recreation, who love to see happy people while giving top priority to customer safety.

Akan Nature Center

Akan Nature Center offers canoeing and hiking/trekking tours in the eastern Hokkaido area around Lake Akan and Onneto.

Hokkaido Outdoor Adventures

Mu river rafting in Hidaka, Hokkaido, Saru river rafting, and Chubetsu river rafting near Asahiyama Zoo and Biei. Let's go explore these special places.

Furano Nature Club

There are many limited tours offering the nature of Furano such as a hot-air balloon free-flight or rafting in the Sorachi River.

Outdoor Amusement Company

OAC activities include rafting, canyoning, tethered hot air ballooning, and bungee trampolining! We also offer accommodation and lodgings so you can enjoy activities in Niseko for as long as you desire!

Tokachi Nature Center

You can enjoy outdoor activities in the wilderness of Tokachi.

Toyohira River

A river flowing through the city center of Sapporo. Citizen resting river.

Kamokamo River

A river that diverges from the Toyohiragawa River and flows into the Sosei River.

Futami Suspension Bridge

A landmark of autumn leaves.

Jugoshima Park

The popular Jugoshima Park located along Toyohira River.

Monami Park

"Monami park(The algae south park)" is a multi-purpose park in Minami-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido.

Indian Water Wheel

You can see salmon swimming upstream through glass windows.

Shokotsu River

It is a famous river for fishing fans.

Shikabe Park

There are riverbeds that can play in the river, walking paths, athletic playground equipment, etc. It is popular as a place for people's relaxation.

Kushiro River

Class A river(Japan) flowing in Konsen Plateau.

Tokachi River

It flows through the Tokachi Subprefecture and flows into the Pacific Ocean. It is a A class river of 156 km in length.

Nakagawacho Forest Park

You can overlook Nakagawa city and the Teshio River, and there is a natural walking path and observatory.

Moheji River

The river where salmon goes up

Sosei River Park

The Soseigawa River which divides the east and west of Sapporo has been turned into a park.

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