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List of articles of Slope

Nijukkenzaka slope

At the end of this slope is "Higashihongan-ji Temple Hakodate Branch", when it goes down it leads to the "Restaurant Gotoken-older building"," Hakodate Meijikan", "Toyokawa Inari Shrine(Hakodate)", and "Hakodate morning market", "JR Hakodate Station".

Yayoizaka slope

Next to Higashiosaka. The longest slope. The slope of the city Tram"Omachi station".

Azumazaka slope

A slope with Hakodate Chinese Memorial Hall.

Nanbuzaka slope

The slope to Hakodate-yama Ropeway.

Gokoku Jinjazaka slope

One of Hakodate 18 slope, leading to the Gokoku shrine.

Motoizaka slope

Take a picture of Mt.Hakodate from foot of the mountain?

Chacha Slope

If you climb the "Daisan-saka" is next to "Hachiman-saka" can find it. "Chacha" which means grandfather.

Hachimanzaka slope

Going back from Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward, there are streets where luxurious brick construction and traditional houses of wooden Western-style buildings have been built along with the development of foreign trade.

Uomizaka slope

The name was given as a slope from which to view the migrating fish.

Funami zaka Slope

It is a tough climb at 15 degrees.

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