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List of articles of Statue / Monument

Lake Choubushi

The promenade is around 5km around. Enjoy hiking and bird watching. He is healed by 45 Kannon statues on the roadside.

Cape Aikappu

It is a popular place where lovers ring the bell in the sense that "get over the difficulties and gain the crown of love".

Kamimokuni Kannondo Temple

Hokkaido Designated Cultural Asset.

Golden Road

The name apparently originates in the great construction cost of the road.

Wakkanai Inori No To Tower

A monument built to wish for the world's permanent peace

Soya Misaki Heiwa Park

There are numerous monuments including monuments of the northernmost tip of Japan.

Monument of the northernmost Point of Japan

A monument marking the "tip of the northernmost tip of Japan" at the tip of Soya Cape, 45 degrees 31 minutes 22 seconds north latitude.

Rausu Shiokaze Park

High mountain overlooking Kunashir Island.

Kiroro Niisanokane

Mt.Asaridake is certified as "one of the lovers' holy place" at one out of 100 locations nationwide.


Displaying the everyday items naturally as well as artistic works with a personal touch, relief works and more here in the gallery.

Reruhi Memory Park

It is on National Highway No. 5, and there is statue of Mr.Theodor Edler von Lerch who spread skiing in Japan in the park.

Cape Benkei

It is also known as a spectacular sight of the sunset.

Morisanbashi Site

In Hokkaido construction work to connect Hakodate and Sapporo began in 1873.

The monument of disembark in Washinoki Hokkaido.(Former Shogunate Army)

It is known as the place where the Former Shogunate Army Enomoto Takeaki and Hijikata Toshizo.

The Shrine of King Enma

In 1993, a mechanical parade float featuring Enma the hell king was constructed to mark the thirtieth Noboribetsu Hell Festival.

Lake Toya Gurutto Sculpture Park

Enjoy harmony between nature and art with sculpture tours.

The Bell or Espoir

The hope bell at the Taisetsu Observatory. Every day three times o'clock from 9 am echoes the sound of the bell telling the time.

Moshiri Cristal Park

In the management building of the park, the Japan Coldest Region Reaching Certificate has been issued for 100 yen.

The place that Hokkaido was named

After August 15, 1869, it was named "北海道Hokkaido" by the Cabinet Order.

Kan Yasuda Sculpture Museum Arte Piazza Bibai

This is an outdoor art museum where sculptor Yasuda kan's items.

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