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List of articles of Street

Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade

Shopping zone filled with international tourists.

Akamatsu Highway

Approximately 1,400 lined avenues along 14.3 km.

San-Roku Street

The largest entertainment area in the Northern Hokkaido District.

Shussemae Square

The slope you can climb is the Shusse zaka slope, meaning promotion in Japanese.

Otaru Sun Mall Shopping Street

One department store and one big hotel formed a line here.

Miyakodori Shopping Street

Miyako Dori was the downtown area back in the day.

Marchen Crossroads

Popular photography spot for a steam clock and all night street light that revitalizes the Meiji era light stand.

Otaru Sushiyadori

A particularly famous area in Otaru with many sushi bars.

Hakodate Sakuragaoka Street

About 100 Cherry blossom are planted in about 800 m and it becomes a tunnel of cherry blossoms (in early May).

Isaribi Street

poets. Takuboku Ishikawa statue is also watching fishery fire.

Kita 3-jo Kaitakushi Dori

The main road of the Sapporo reclamation era.

Asahikawa Heiwa-dori Kaimono Koen

This is a pedestrian only street shopping area.

Denukikoji Street

A popular sightseeing spot at the corner of Asakusabashi Bridge and the canal street where about 20 restaurants are.

Sakaimachidori Street

One of the famous tourist spots where many souvenir shops

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