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List of articles of Hidaka area

the Road Station “Jukai Road Hidaka”

Please drop in before entering the mountain pass.

Hidaka Mountain Range Museum

At the Hidaka Mountain Range Museum, There are exhibitions such as rock and fossil displays that keep the magnificence of nature alive.

Nature Designing

Let’s enjoy various experiences in the vast nature of Hidaka!

Hokkaido Outdoor Adventures

Mu river rafting in Hidaka, Hokkaido, Saru river rafting, and Chubetsu river rafting near Asahiyama Zoo and Biei. Let's go explore these special places.

Nibutani AINU Culture Museum

This museum was built for inheriting Ainu culture when the Nibutani dam was constructed.

Nikappu Onsen

Offering day spa service and accommodation. There's a great view of the sun setting into the Pacific Ocean from the outdoor bath.

Thoroughbred Ginza

About an 8 km series of ranches along National Route 235 is an area known as the hometown of racehorses where their lineage rests calmly and continues.

Urakawa Folk Museum

The facility where you can learn about the local history and nature of Urakawa.

Urakawa Horse Museum

The facility where you can learn about the history of horses and their connection with people in the stored collection of items related to horse production centers.

Horoizumi Folk Museum

The facility that introduce kombu harvesting which is the main industry of Erimo, as well information about the characteristics of kombu, nature in the town, the history, culture, the marine products industry and more.

Golden Road

The name apparently originates in the great construction cost of the road.

Ezosankanzi Tozyuin

Chief Tiantai Buddhist temple, Tojuin temple is one of the Ezosankanji (three Ezo temples) which Edo Shogunate erected as court-built temples.

Hidaka Yabakei

The skirts of Mt. Apoi dip into the Pacific Ocean along the coast as a sea cliff for approximately 6 km.

Sizunai Onsen

「This soft dark brown water is known as hot water for beautiful skin

Mitsuishi Kaihin Park

A valuable place where you can enjoy the precious little marine leisure Hidaka has to offer.

Urakawa Thoroughbred Road

All you can see of the horse ranch zone of the Nishihorobetsu district of the Hidakahorobetsu River basin area.

Urakawa Aeru

Horse-riding facility integrated with hotel that overlooks Hidaka mountains

Mt. Apoi Geopark Visitor Center

It also provides real-time information on alpine plants, brown bears and other things to make climbing Mt. Apoi a safe and pleasant experience.

Mombetsu Racecourse

Hokkaido racecourse. It is a course of 1600 m in 1 turn around clockwise.

Cape Erimo

The branch point between Hidaka and Tokachi. I can see the seals.

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