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List of articles of Hiyama area

National Historic Site Pirika

About 20,000 years ago ruins. You can experience making stone tool.

Ota Shrine

It is said to be the most dangerous shrine in Japan, such as a precipitous cliff, brown bear .

Hiyama Prefectural Natural Park

A park which is primarily located on the Sea of Japan side of the southwest of Hokkaido.

Kariba-Motta Prefectural Natural Park

The park is consisting of the coast of the Sea of Japan and the mountainous area around the beech forest of Mt. Kariba.

Oiwake Hall / Esashi Float Hall

Between the end of April to October stage performances are held showing Esashi music and Hokkaido folk songs.


It worth seeing the 'the all-direction gazing dragon' drawn on the ceiling.

Kaiyo Maru Warship

Inside there are 3000 remains that have been collected from the bottom of the sea on display.

Ubagami Daijingu (the Grand Shrine of Ubagami)

You can see miniature floats from the Ubagami Daijingu Togyo Festival decorating the grounds.

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