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List of articles of Furano

Torinuma Park

Torinuma Park, full of nature is located in the suburbs of Furano.


We are a group of professionals, and experts at recreation, who love to see happy people while giving top priority to customer safety.

Urespa+Furano E-bike Cycling Guided Tours

This cycling is in a photographer's paradise with its popular lavender gardens and sightseeing spots.

Furano Nature Club

There are many limited tours offering the nature of Furano such as a hot-air balloon free-flight or rafting in the Sorachi River.

JR Furano Station

The center of Hokkaido Welcome to the Furano!

Kaze-no Garden,Prince Grand

This location became the setting of a TV drama called Kaze no Garden. It is a British garden of approximately 2000㎡ spread over the site of the New Furano Prince Hotel.

Ningle Terrace

There are 14 small craft shops handcrafting original works.

Rokugo no Mori

A forest full of nature dotted with facilities such as the log cabin that became a setting in the popular TV drama, Kita no kuni kara that began in 1981.

Furano Cheese Kobo

You can observe the production room and the aging storage through a window. Experience available!

Glass Forest in FURANO

This is the glass studio making Shibare-glass that is made to look like diamond dust.

Highland Furano

It's lodging and hot spring facilities with a lavender field in a very large forest.

Furano Ropeway

You can survey the expansive panorama of the neighboring Mount Tokachi in Daisetsuzan mountain range.

Furano Music Box Museum

There are 8,500 items including music boxes of various sizes from Furano music box store limited music boxes to music boxes made from glass and ceramic.

Furano Anpanman Shop

The only branch store under direct management of author, Takashi Yanase in the whole country. The shop is packed with Anpanman goods!

Rokugo Observatory

The observatory where you can view the whole area of Rokugo which became the stage for the TV series Kita no Kuni Kara.

Furano Asahigaoka Park

One of the One-Hundred Views of Japan. Place famous for cherry blossoms.

Furano Jam

Selling handmade jam made without water.

Furano Lifelong Learning Centre & Furano museum

Showing permanent exhibits of recourses related to the culture, history and nature of Furano.

Furano Biei Tourism Centre

Furano, Biei district guidebook.

Furano Marche

Furano Marche became completely famous. It is a compound commercial facility.

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