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List of articles of Nakafurano


An agricultural town popular for the lavender of Tomita Farm.

Nakafurano Tourism Association

It is in the community center. Nakafurano is the place to refresh your heart.

Nakafurano Information Center

Information on tourist information and accommodation facilities in Nakafurano cho. Let's listen to the highlights and how to have fun.

JR Nakafurano Station

JR Nakafurano Station

Bus stop “Nakafurano”

Bus stop "Nakafurano"

Nakafurano Camp Area

Campsite to spend slowly in the nature of Satoyama spreading to 5 minutes on foot from lavender garden.

Nakafurano Flower Park

A lawn park with a fountain adjacent to the town-owned lavender garden. Four seasons flowers bloom.

Nakafurano Bankanoyu

The only hot spring facility in Nakafurano cho. An outdoor bath that is watching the Tokachi dake mountain range is popular.

Hokkaido Landscape Gallery

Shuichi Okuda's atelier. Landscape painting museum.

Nakafurano Potpourrinoyu

Foot bath located in the premises of Furano Laterale. 100% natural hot spring without any filtration or additives, free of charge.

Farm Tomita

The birthplace of lavender tourism.

Hitsuji no Oka Hill

Genghis Khan facility that can eat Suffolk and visionary milk lamb.

Hokuseiyama Lavender Garden

The lavender garden spreads to Hokuseiyama in the western part of Nakafurano-cho.

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