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List of articles of Kamikawa

Kamikawa Mori-no Terrace Bus terminal

There is the Sounkyo Sight Seeing Information Center beside the Kamikawa JR Station

Kurodake no Yu

A one-day hot spring facility in the center of the Sounkyo.


Sounkyo is a range of gorges located in Kamikawa.

Mori no Terrace Nupuri

There is the Sounkyo Sight Seeing Information Center beside the Kamikawa JR Station

Trick Art Museum

The trick art Museum with fun 3D art using optical illusions.

Taisetsu Tsuribori Fishing Pond

You can eat it by catching Rainbow trout, Cherry hybrid salmon, charr etc etc. (Chargeable)

Kiyokawa Skunk Cabbage Garden

Birthplace of the white skunk-cabbage, best time to see in the middle of May.

The Bell or Espoir

The hope bell at the Taisetsu Observatory. Every day three times o'clock from 9 am echoes the sound of the bell telling the time.

Ice Pavillion

Facilities that can enjoy the cold experience all year round.

Ukishima Marsh

A wetland of highlands with few quantities in Japan.

Kamikawa Taisetsu Sake Brewery

The sake brewery of the 14th sake in Hokkaido, made in 2017.

Sounkyo Information Center

Information desk inside Sounkyo Bus Terminal.

Mikuni Pass

Pass in Hokkaido highest point.

Sounkyo Onsen

A hot spring town located at the bottom of the ravine of Sounkyo.

Sounkyo Mt.Daisetsu Photo Museum

Decorate the work of Mt.Taisetsu.

Akadake Ginsen Dai

It is famous for being the sight of autumn leaves in Japan earliest.

Taisetsu Dam

Walking paths and plazas where the rich natural environment can be experienced are established around the dam.


Sobakudai is a place where you can see both of these two waterfalls at the same time.

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