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List of articles of Muroran

Muroran Public Aquarium

The oldest aquarium in Hokkaido which opened in 1953.

Etomo Misaki Observatory

From the Cape "Chikyu", you can see the Showa Shinzan, Mt.Usu, Mt.Yotei and others over the Funkawan bay.

Tokkarisho Observatory

One of Muroran Hakkei. You can feel strong in green belt and rough scenery of strange rocks and cliffs.

Ginbyobu Observatory

It is one of Muroran Hakkei with a pair of Kinbyobu on Tokkarisho side.

Kinbyobu Observatory

Together with the Ginbyobu, it is one of Muroran Hakkei.

Hakucho Bridge Observation

Legend of a happy marriage that "When the couples cross the Hakucho Bridge , will get good marriage."

Masuichi Beach

One of Muroran Hakkei. candle rock, gulls rock

Mt.Sokuryouzan Observation

Night view seen from here, you can see Muroran port so recommend.

Itanki Beach

Singing sand which was discovered for the first time in Hokkaido.

Hakucho Ohashi Bridge

The eastern Japan's largest suspension bridge. Overall length 1,380 m

Cape Chikiu

You can overlook the Pacific Ocean from the observation deck.

Muroran Night View Cruising

It is also registered in Japan night view scenery, night view 1 of 100 selections.

Displays 1〜13 of the 13 in order