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Road Side Rest Area Utoro-Shirietoku

Please drop by here before heading out for sightseeing in Shiretoko!

Shiretoko Guides pikki

Let's walk in the wilderness of Shiretoko with a guide!


Let's see many wild animals in Shiretoko!


The museum displays an abundant amount related to world heritage site, Shiretoko, including specimens of whales and bears, and materials of the northern tribes.


A town of Shiretoko National Park which is world natural heritage.

Kamuiwakka Hot Falls

it is like a hot spring where the whole river flows.

Oshinkoshin Waterfall

It is one of "100 waterfalls in Japan".

Takinoue Ukishima(Floating island)

It is a high marsh with 850 meters above sea level and an area of about 700 hectares, with swamps of various sizes dotted.

Shiretoko Odan Road

Road from Shari-cho Utoro to Rausu-chō.

Gojiraiwa Sightseeing

Medium and Small sized cruise boat which enjoy world natural heritage from Utoro port of Shiretoko.

Shiretoko Goko Lakes

Five mysterious lakes nestling in the virgin forest against the background of Shiretoko mountain range.

Shiretoko Goko Lakes Field House

Entrance of ground walking path.

Cape Shiretoko

Located at the tip of Shiretoko Peninsula, facing the Sea of Okhotsk.

Shiretoko Pass

Top of Shiretoko cross road connecting Shari-cho Utoro with Rausu-cho.

Yuuhidai (Sunset) Point

It is located in the corner of Shiretoko National Campsite Park and you can see the setting sun setting in the sea of each season.

Shiretoko National Park

The easternmost national park of Japan.

Abashiri Quasi-national Park

Parks in the northeastern part of Hokkaido.

Sharidake Prefectural Natural Park

The park in east Hokkaido.

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