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List of articles of Rishirifuji

Rishiri Folk Museum

This facility displays the Rishiri diorama, the life from primitive times to the modern reclamation period and the atmosphere of the herring fishing grounds.

Oshidomariko Ferry Terminal

Rishiritō , Rebuntō Island and Wakkanai ferry arrival and departure ports

Cape Kutsugata Park

Backed by Rishiri Fuji. It makes a great place to take a commemorative picture.

Cape Peshi Observatory

The place where you can overlook the Sea of Japan, Rebun Island, Oshidomari Port, Mount Rishiri, and the main land of Hokkaido.

Rishiri Fuji (Mt.Rishiri)

1,721 meters above sea level.

Himenuma Observatory

It is a place around the Oshidomari Port with an ocean view.

Otatomari Swamp

This is the model used for the packaging of Shiroi Koibito.

Yuhigaoka Observatory

A sightseeing spot of a sunset drama

Kanro Water Spot

It has a reputation as being sweet water.

Rishiri Airport

Flights from Sapporo (Okado Airport) are in service. Seasonal flights from New Chitose Airport will also be operated from June to September.

Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park

The northernmost national park in Japan.

Displays 1〜11 of the 11 in order