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List of articles of Shibetsu (Nemuro area)

Shibetsu Northern Territories Museum

It shows the state of the island of the Northern Territories and the history of the return movement.

Pogawa Historical Grassland

This is the cultural landscape before Hokkaido develop and you can experience the cultural landscape.

Kawakita Onsen

Mysterious hot spring in a mysterious hot spring.

Notsuke peninsula

The total length of 26 km, the largest offshore Japan prominent terrain.

Shibetsu Salmon Museum

The number of salmonid fish exhibits is domestic most.

Notsuke-Furen Prefectural Natural Park

A park facing the Sea of Okhotsk located between East Hokkaido, Shiretoko peninsula and Nemuro Peninsula.

Sharidake Prefectural Natural Park

The park in east Hokkaido.

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