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List of articles of Kucchan

MaxValu Kutchan

It is the nearest supermarket shopping area to the Niseko skiing area.

Mt. Yotei

Its beautiful silhouette similar to Mt. Fuji is also called "Ezo Fuji".

Niseko Hanazono Ski Resort

Ski resort where powder snow and fulfilling kids activities are popular among children.

Kagami Numa(Marsh)

On a day without wind, it reflects the surrounding scenery like a mirror.

Kutchan Museum of Natural History

Facility that you can experience the natural, cultural and historical background of Kutchan.

Half Moon Shore Nature Park

A lake in the shape of a half moon at the foot of Mt.Yotei.

Reruhi Memory Park

It is on National Highway No. 5, and there is statue of Mr.Theodor Edler von Lerch who spread skiing in Japan in the park.

Asahigaoka Skiing Area

In the summer, park golf, baseball, tennis, etc. are used as a skiing area during the winter.


A land of longing for skiers and snowboarders all over the world.

Shikotsu-Toya National Park

The national park of Hokkaido's central region.

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