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List of articles of Shiribeshi area

Shellfish Museum of Rankoshi

50000 years ago, 1500 kinds of restored models of chokkak shellfish and 500 shellfish are displayed.

Shin Nihonkai Ferry Otaru Ferry Terminal

Heading to Maizuru Port in Kyoto (everyday service), and Niigata Port (service everyday execpt Monday).

Herring Goten Otaru VIP Hall (Old Aoyama villa)

Get off at "Shukudzu 3 chome" and walk 5 minutes on foot

Otaru Bay Cruise “Aobato”

There are Shukutsu routes, Otamoi route. Enjoy Otaru from the sea.


A rock overlapping the sunset resembles a candle.

Otaru Asakusabashi Information Center

In addition to sightseeing information, we also sell soft cream.

Otaru Station Information Center

Information office that you can see immediately after leaving the ticket gate of Otaru station

Otaru Canal Bus terminal

It is close to the Otaru Canal, from here to Mt.Tengu ropeway, bound for Otaru Aquarium, to Minami Otaru station etc. are out.

Fugoppe Cave

About 5000 years ago, it is said to be a mural painting of the era when Jomon people were in Hokkaido.

Old Yoichi Fukuhara gyoba

A fishing ground and a barn (a house) when the surrounding sea flourished with herring fishery. Fukuhara family.

Cape Shiripa

From Otaru going to Yoichi you will see Cape Shiripa.

Ebisu-iwa, Daikoku-iwa

Ebisu-iwa, Daikoku-iwa

Kyogoku Fukidashi Park

The water temperature is about 6.5 ° C throughout the year, and about 8 tons of water springs up a day.


A land of longing for skiers and snowboarders all over the world.


The beauty of the scenery is said to be the best in Niseko.

Kuromatsunai Beech Center

Mainly introduces the history and nature of the town mainly with its beech.

Shussemae Square

The slope you can climb is the Shusse zaka slope, meaning promotion in Japanese.

Otaru Sun Mall Shopping Street

One department store and one big hotel formed a line here.

Otaru Yataimura Renga Yokocho

Hokkaido’s famous food stall villages include, Hakodate’s Daimon Yokocho, and Obihiro’s Kita no Yatai, but Otaru also has one called Renga Yokocho.

Otaru Aquarium(Go to by bus)

From Otaru JR Station to the aquarium. 25 minutes from the third bus stop at the bus terminal in front of Otaru Station,

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