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List of articles of Rankoshi

Niseko Yumoto Onsen

The hot water marsh (Oyunuma) at the foot of Mount Chisenupuri is the source of Yumoto Onsen area where you can enjoy the sulfur spring.

Niseko Oyunuma

The bog of the hot spring in Niseko Yumoto Onsen.

Konbugawa Onsen

Kombugawa Onsen is called hot water of beautiful women, and is popular with locals.

Kogane Onsen

It infiltrates the body and removes internal antioxidants and the hot water is said to improve the bloodstream.

Shellfish Museum of Rankoshi

50000 years ago, 1500 kinds of restored models of chokkak shellfish and 500 shellfish are displayed.

Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru Kaigan Quasi-National Park

A park facing the Sea of Japan on the West Hokkaido side.

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