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List of articles of Soya area

Rishiri Fuji (Mt.Rishiri)

1,721 meters above sea level.

Himenuma Observatory

It is a place around the Oshidomari Port with an ocean view.

Otatomari Swamp

This is the model used for the packaging of Shiroi Koibito.

Yuhigaoka Observatory

A sightseeing spot of a sunset drama

Kanro Water Spot

It has a reputation as being sweet water.

Sarobetsu Wetland Center

It has a tree road where you can walk in the wetlands, a rest house and so on.

Toyotomi Information Center

We provide various information such as event information from seasonal accommodation and sightseeing spot information in Toyotomi-cho and tourist information of the surrounding area for seasons only。

Beniya Primeval Flower Garden

The special natural flower garden where you can enjoy viewing marsh plants and alpine plants at the same time.

Lake Kutcharo

In the spring and autumn, it is a beautiful lake of the sunset where thousands of swans fly.

Tonakai Farm

About 60 reindeers live healthily and can feed food (fee) directly from hand. The reindeers originally came over from Finland and are born and raised here now.

Horonobe Visitor Center

Information education facility to nurture eyes to see nature, to learn and to naturally learn.

Kita Color

There are select shop, kids room etc. selling tourist information office and Kitakara limited suit.

Wakkanai Youth & Children’s Science Museum

There are northernmost observatories and planetarium in Japan.

Noshappu Aquarium

The 100th largest aquarium in Japan.


The best driveway you know.

Wakkanai Centennial Memorial Tower

Building on the hill of Wakkanai Park 80m above ground above sea level 250m building.

Souya-Highland White Road

A white road going straight toward the blue sea.

Wakkanai Breakwater Dome

It is a breakwater with a height of about 14 meters and a length of 427 meters.

Hokumon Shrine

Historic shrine in Wakkanai

Wakkanai Inori No To Tower

A monument built to wish for the world's permanent peace

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