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List of articles of Ainu culture

UPOPOY (National Ainu Museum and Park)

Upopoy serves as the national center for the revival and development of Ainu culture.

Akan Adventure Tourism

Enjoy the sounds, lights and images that make the most of Akan's nature in a forest.

Nibutani AINU Culture Museum

This museum was built for inheriting Ainu culture when the Nibutani dam was constructed.

Tomakomai Art Museum

You can learn Tomakomai's history and nature.

Hakodate City Museum of Northern Peoples

The former Bank of Japan Hakodate branch was renovated.

Obihiro Centennial City Museum

Facility to introduce the history, industry of nature and pioneer of Obihiro, Tokachi

Nemuro Peninsula Chashi Ruins

"Chassi" means "fence fence" in Ainu language. A representative of 32 Chassi in Nemuro city. It is possible to observe.

Ainu Seikatsu Kinenkan (Ainu Folklore Museum)

Reproduce the old Ainu folk house where 4 to 5 families.

Pogawa Historical Grassland

This is the cultural landscape before Hokkaido develop and you can experience the cultural landscape.

Wakkanai Centennial Memorial Tower

Building on the hill of Wakkanai Park 80m above ground above sea level 250m building.

Kaneto Kawamura Ainu Memorial Hall

Numerous valuable materials such as living tools to convey Ainu culture and customs are displayed

Asahikawa City Museum

Enjoy exhibitions of folk, local culture, history, etc. and nature of taisetsu with images.

Abashiri Municipal Provincial Museum

A museum where you can learn the history and culture of Abashiri.

Lake Akan Ainu Theater Ikor

Japan's first Ainu Culture Theater. You can see Ainu ancient dance, puppet show, fire festival etc

Tsurugatai Charanke Chashi

Chashi was "A fence " in Ainu language and it was used for multi purpose purposes such as fort and festival place.


One of Asahikawa Hakkei, a scenic spot where both the Ishikari River banks are beautiful.

Kussharo Kotan Ainu Museum

The museum which introduces Ainu history, culture and customs.

Shakushain Memorial Museum

Hidaka is a region with many Ainu.

Sapporo Pirka Kotan

Facility appearance Ainu Cultural Exchange Center in Sapporo City

Kayano Shigeru Nibutani Ainu Museum

Over than 1000 items including Ainu folk goods

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